Our first Farmers Market

Dancing Poly Farm made her debut at the Certified Farmers Market, at Steele Wines in Finley this past Saturday

Posted by bbahara on July 31, 2017

We had so much fun at the Farmers Market on Saturday. Now mind you, when you do one of these for the first time, it’s a little stressful. But we’d prepared well and, under the header of ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’, I think we were ready. What’s hot for sale? Sunflowers, Zucchini/Cheddar Scones and early season Gravenstein apples. What’s not? Poor cucumbers, it’s not that they aren’t loved, there are just way to many of them. So for next week, we are making chilled pint jars of cucumber juice. Delicious as is but even better to make a Cucamosa! Just add bubbles, which, by the way, are available just 20 ft from our Saturday market booth in the Steele Winery! Match made in heaven. And we’re thinking of Cucumber Cream Cheese Bagels at our tent? What do you think? Of course, we’ll have scads of sunflowers. Buy them when you arrive and we’ll hold them in water until you’re finished shopping. One thing we noticed as we sold our tomatillos, is that not a lot of people know what to do with them. See our recipe for fantastic Chili Verde Burritos. You’ll love them and we’ll have more for you at the market next Saturday. Can’t wait to see you!