How Poly got her name

Bess and Blaise find the right name for their farm and right place for themselves

Posted by cameron241 on July 26, 2017

Rainbow down the road

We moved to Lake County and into our new home three days before Christmas 2016. We’d been looking since summer of 2015 and we finally found the place we would land after selling a beautiful B&B in Austin, Texas. Two days before Christmas our 16 ft POD arrived. Yes, only 16 ft long, 8 ft wide and 8 ft tall, as we’d happily sold virtually everything as part of the B&B!

There is something magical about paring down your life to the stuff that really matters. Poly was almost first out of the POD and the strong young moving man placed her right where she still stands today, in view of the home, the barn, almost all the ranch and nestled in the arms of a majestic persimmon tree. Each day of the ensuing winter months, as we worked on the inside of the farmhouse, we’d see her standing watch, the sun rising over Mt Konocti through the tree behind her, until she was lit and warmed by the late morning rays.

Poly is a nickname for her full name of Polyhymnia, the Greek Goddess of many harmonies, sacred songs and all sorts of loveliness. She was welded out of the recycled remains of a cement truck; she’s been with us nearly 18 years and has lived in three states. When it came time to name our new business and farm and home in Lake County, well, all we had to do was look out the window and be reminded that we could use a lot more harmony in the world these days. We, and Poly, are pleased to be here and to begin this new chapter with you. Welcome to Dancing Poly Farm.